Hospital Infrastructure

Hospital Buliding

Hospital Reception

Central Corridor

Out Patient Registration

Waiting Hall for Patients

Bed Strength of Hospital

Name of Ward No. of Beds
Acute Male 1 40
Acute Male 2 40
Intermediate male 1  40
Intermediate male 2  40
Chronic male 1  25
Chronic male   25
Forensic male  20
Acute Female  25
Intermediate female 1 40
Intermediate female 2 40
Chronic female 1  25
Chronic female 2  25
Rehabilitation  20


  • Modern kitchen having facilities of :
  • L. P. G.
  • Clean Cooking Utensils with freely running water.
  • Separate Platforms For Washing, Cutting. Cleaning and storing of Vegetables for cooking.
  • Electric Kneader available
  • A Chimney
  • Glazed Tiles Fitted on the walls
  • Exhaust Fans and Ceiling Fans
  • Space for washing utensils and storing food articles.
  • Proper Storing arrangements for cooked food.
  • Cooked Food transported on food trolleys to Wards.
  • Services of 10 Cooks

Diet Menu

Time Meal Day Contents
—7.00AM Bed Tea Daily Tea with bread
9.00AM Breakfast Monday Poha+milk
    Tuesday Paranthas +Curd
    Wednessday Dalia+Milk 
    Thursday Bread Pokora+Milk
    Friday Puri+chhole+milk
    Saturday Milk+Bread
    Sunday Khichri+Milk or Sprouted grams   With Milk
11.00AM Tea Daily  
1.00PM Lunch Daily Daal+Vegetable+ Rice+Chapati+Fruit
4.00PM Tea Daily  
—7.00PM Dinner Daily Daal+vegetable+Chapattis 

Procurement of Food

Food Articles are purchased From authorized contractors, Tenders for purchase of food are opened, scrutinized and recommended by a District Purchase Committee notified by the Govt. Food articles are inspected by a team of 3 doctors. Diet is supplied as per menu as far as possible.

Arrangements For Food

There is no restriction on the quantity of food to be served to patients. Food is served in stainless steel utensils. Every patient is encouraged to make use of a spoon. There is also no restriction on the quantity of food to be served to patients. Sweets distributed on all important festivals. Separate dining halls available in each ward. Dining Tables have not been provided due to inadequate size of dining rooms. Patients take their food sitting on strips of carpets spread on the floor. Suggestions/reactions from patients are always welcome.


Hospital has a modern Laundry having facilities of Automatic Washing Machines, Driers, A Boiler, Adequate space for drying washed clothes, Services of 2 Washer men.